“Stand Down” Week 7 – Dark Necessities

Start scene on the ground floor of Scott’s house. The bottom-left of the screen reads “a day later”. A quiet, muffled sound of grinding metal can be heard. Scott’s father can be seen to approach a door just across from what seems to be a TV room.  The grinding sound grows less muffled as he

“Stand Down” Week 6 – Blood Feuds, Ancient And Modern

Start shot on a street lamp, where a row of ravens is perched. Behind it is the grey sky characteristic of Canada. Around this scene, an arrangement of roads and houses suggest a suburban neighborhood. Reflected in the eyes of one of the ravens is a humanoid figure behind a window. Zooming out, the POV

“Stand Down” Week 5 – The Kids Aren’t Alright

Open on a shot of the night sky. Few stars are visible, and the moon is partially obscured by clouds. Slow pan down to a treeline; it is that of sixteen-mile creek. Cut to a low shot of a man silhouetted in the moonlight, standing on the trail with trees on either side. His brown

“Stand Down” Week 4 – Genesis, Part 3

Cut to Ian, just making his way up to the front door of Zain’s house. Notably, no cars are in the driveway. Ian knocks on the door panickedly. The clouded sky is still orange with sunset. Ian swears under his breath, turning away from the door. He responds quickly as his phone begins to buzz.

“Stand Down” Week 3 – Genesis, Part 2

Scott lowers his glove a smidge, revealing a dumbstruck face. Dropping his arm, and clenching his teeth, he begins to press down on the car’s brake.  ZAIN: (through microphone) Off with the glove, too, prick. With a pained look, Scott pulls the glove off with his thigh as he brings the caravan to the left

“Stand Down” Week 2 – Genesis, Part 1

Slow pan-in on TV screen. Focus has shifted to a police officer stepping out from cover, positioning a megaphone in front of his mouth. TV-POLICE OFFICER: (Speaking into megaphone) Hello, it’s me, again, it’s me, Tom. If you can’t respond at all, or at least show your face, we’re gonna have to come in there.

“Stand Down” Week 1 – Move Forward

SCENE START Midday. Grey sky suggestive of Winter months, but no snow. High shot over road in Oakville. Sounds of a car’s horn blaring can be heard. Grey 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan moves on screen, going fast. Driving is unsteady, and faster than that of other cars. Horn continues to blare from car. Zoom-in on