“Stand Down” Week 79 – No Installment

“Stand Down” Week 78 – No Installment

“Stand Down” Week 77 – No Installment

“Stand Down” Week 76 – Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

Geoul kept his eyes to the window. The rest of the bus was too close, and right now he wanted more than anything to be away from other people. Outside there were traffic lights and the late-evening sun, and trees he’d never seen before.  So, magic was real. How exciting. Angosin was sat next to

“Stand Down” Week 75 – No Installment

fuck I’ve been real distracted gotta stop just generating new projects

“Stand Down” Week 72-74 – No Installment(s)

I got stuf going on alright

“Stand Down” Week 71 – No Installment

“Stand Down” Week 70 – Behemoth

Jordan watched a swathe be cut across the gray-choked sky, far away, in a plane’s wake. It was a streak of smoke, slightly more silvery than gray, slowly widening as it fell like a cape. Where the bird it issued from was at in the sky, it couldn’t be too long ‘til it hit the

“Stand Down” Week 69 – No Installment


“Stand Down” Week 68 – No Installment