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“Stand Down” Week 100 – STAND DOWN 100

Jordan and Jordan stood facing each-other in the hallway just outside the long-dead mayor’s office. The lights flickered, almost imperceptibly.  One Jordan stood on his own two legs, tall and proud and smiling, though to say he was shabbily dressed would be a dire understatement. The other sat planted, much as he’d writhe against it,

“Stand Down” Week 99 – Winternaut

Snowy season arrived, and all the Game of Thrones references finally petered out. The rising, angry winds began biting ravenously with cold, and so the children and young adults (that is, all of humanity that remained of Oakville) largely kept to their houses. And, by now, those houses really had started to feel like theirs.

“Stand Down” Week 98 – No Installment

“Stand Down” Week 97 – No Installment

“Stand Down” Week 96 – No Installment

“Stand Down” Week 95 – No Installment

“Stand Down” Week 94 – No Installment

“Stand Down” Week 93 – No Installment

“Stand Down” Week 92 – No Installment

“Stand Down” Week 91 – Warcoe

Two years passed in a flurry of apathy, soon to be hounded off by desperation though it was. This is how they went. It had been a scene like out of some teen fantasy novel– a world bereft of adults, and so ruled over by the young. Considering such a setting, one is liable to